Martin Luther King Jr. believed in “an annual income to get rid of poverty”1. Charles Murray, an economist working for the conservative think tank AEI, believes it to be the “best way to cope with a radically changing U.S. Jobs Market”2.

When I first heard of Universal Basic Income, I did not believe it could be so powerful; but I was convinced otherwise by people far wiser.

It is one of the few policies of our time for which one can find economists, philosophers, and pundits from both the left and the right who believe in it3. And it goes back to our founding fathers, with Thomas Paine advocating for it4.

Learn more about Universal Basic Income on Andrew Yang’s campaign site.

As your senator, I would:

Sponsor legislation which universally gives all American citizens aged 18 and over a monthly dividend of $1000 to empower them and help end poverty.

#UBICaucus pledge